week of sept 9th thru sept 15th, 2013 (mile marker 8.2)

Monday the 9th

Perch #40 on the year. 3.5 miles, 570′ vertical gain. Easy-medium effort (zone 3). felt pretty solid.


Intervals: Perch should have been closed–lots of rain, mud. warmed-up, did three interval sets (to the top of zone 4), with cool-downs in between. easy jog home the last mile.  4.57 miles total. Minimal vertical gain (~250′).


1.0 miles, 12 minutes in zone 2. Nice and easy Nimbus (‘barefoot’ shoes) jog around the neighborhood.


3.2 miles, ~250′ vert.  Still raining after three days–crazy–perch still closed. easy run with Duder this morning. keepin’ things relaxed. might pick it up tomorrow.


7.7 miles, +750′ vertical gain. First longish run in a bit. Stayed in HR zone 3 for all but the top of the hill to the Rez (on the road). got the run in between the storms. floodin’ ever’where.  


3.2 miles. nice walk with the fam.  kept it easy. back at it tomorrow.


Oh goooood…more rain. 3.2 miles to the gate again, zone 3ish.  HRM wasn’t working at first.  

Weekly Totals:

26.4 foot miles, +~2000′ vert.

Kind of a ‘meh’ week, with tons of rain, sloppy/closed trail and thus not a lot of climbing.  Got up to the Rez once via the road and otherwise stuck to zone 3 on the HRM.  Looking forward to a drier week (maybe back up to the Perch by later in the week when it opens).  Reading more about Max Aerobic Threshold (mine being around 147 bpm).  Liking the “numbers and figurin’s” part of the heart rate monitor training.  


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