week of sept 2nd thru sept 8th, 2013 (mile marker 7.1)

Monday – Labor Day

I observed the Holiday


10 mile road ride. 40 minutes. took it pretty easy.


Perch Ascent (to the top of the A outside of town) #38 on the year.  6 miles, +600′ vertical gain. felt a bit sluggish, but still getting used to the mtns after the summer in Philly


Perch #39. 3.5 miles, 570′ vertical gain.  slow ‘recovery’ run. very slow. Used a Heart Rate Monitor for the first time (on a run) and can already see it’s benefits. Lesson #1: the last four years you’ve been “training” or running in general have included ZERO recovery runs. even slow runs have been too much effort and haven’t allowed my body to rest. My hope is that the biggest use for the HRM will be during recovery runs, as well as maybe intervals/fartlek (when I add them later).


Rest day. Drove with Andrew/Bro/The Dude to Leadville for a second attempt on Mt. Elbert (tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains).  Camped at the trailhead (in Larry). 


Mt. Elbert, part II.  9 miles, 4,500′ of vertical gain. Success! Second times a charm. great hike with bro. started at 3am, summited right at sunrise (6:38am). first people to the top on the day, which was fortunate considering the 80+ people we passed on the way down. “you guys already summit?” “Nope–got within view and decided to turn around…” Commmme Onnn.
Duder set a great, steady pace. I felt crummy most of the way up but kept with it. 
Great sunrise, great hike! 
:37 to Mt. Elbert sign 
1:38 to treeline 
3:36 to summit 
2:31 to descend 
6:07 total (excluding 45 mins spent on the summit, enjoying the sunrise, takin’ pics)



Weekly Totals:

19 miles on foot, 5,670 feet of vertical gain

10 miles on the bike

Slowly working back into things. Elbert was a great hike (photos to follow), a little running, started messing with the heart rate monitor.  Going to spend this fall getting into decent shape–running, hiking, biking, yoga, other stuff.  Keep it on the lighter side and build slow.  Major build-up won’t start til January.  


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